The 8 Types of Shoes Every Girl Should Own
The 8 Types of Shoes Every Girl Should Own

    There are endless options when it comes to shoes, but are the essentials? We've narrowed our list down to 8! Keep scrolling to see our absolute must-haves and tell us what your favorite shoes look like in the comment section down below.

    1. BOOTS

    Boots are one of the only tolerable shoe options in the winter making them an absolute must-have for everyone! The options are endless from riding boots to combat boots. 


    Shop boots here.


    Platform sandals are super trendy and for a good reason, these effortless shoes add height while still keeping you balanced and stable. 

    strappy platform sandals

    3. PUMPS

    At least one pair (although likely many pairs) of pumps belong in every girl's closet. Pumps help dress up any look and help incorporate new colors into your outfit. 

    black pumps

    Shop pumps here.


    Classic white sneakers got a lot of love in 2020 and who knows what 2021 will bring when it comes to trends, but we are guessing sneakers are here to stay. This comfy favorite is versatile and supportive.

    white classic lace up sneakers

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    Ballerina flats are a popular work favorite due to their comfort and style. This is the ideal pick if you are sporting chipped polish on your toes or you have a long walk from the garage to your office.

    nude ballet flats

    7. MULES

    Mules are fabulous for people who blister easily, as they leave heels exposed. This chunky style can help elevate an outfit in no time!

    spotted mules

    Shop mules here.

    8. LOAFERS

    While not too exciting, loafers are a safe pick for whenever you need to look professional and polished. This closet staple is a must! 

    jeweled loafers
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