Thank you for bringing in your items to labelswap™. They are in the system to be reviewed. Your items will be sorted and potentially selected based on condition, style, and demand for resale. Approved items will be logged into our system which will help us determine current inventory, demand, and a suggested resale price. At this time you will be given the option to swap your items for 50% of the suggested resale price or approximately 30% in cash payable immediately. If you are not sure which option is best for you, we encourage you to remain in store to review each option. Swappers who chose to swap can utilize the swap credit immediately or labelswap™ will hold the credit value for a maximum period of 12 months.


Your initial visit to labelswap™ requires you to remain in the store for this process so we can communicate with you and answer any questions.  First time swappers will receive priority treatment on the inspection and sort process. You will be required to accept our Terms of Service to initiate the process, produce a valid photo ID, and provide your contact information including a valid telephone and email address to be eligible for labelswap™ service. Should you choose to leave the store without completing the process, you agree to the Terms of Service and you forfeit your cash option; only the swap option will be available as a store credit. Unselected items will be donated / disposed of according to the Terms of Service.


Future visits do not require swappers to wait in store; instead, swappers can drop off items and a labelswap™ associate will contact you via telephone, text, or email to let you know your items have been processed, usually by the end of the day. In some instances, we may close the buy counter early in which case we can accept your items but will not be able to process them until the following day. If you choose to drop off items you agree to the same terms of services outlined here


For faster service, please do not bring your items in on hangers. We cannot be responsible for items being misplaced, returning hangers, or returning containers used to bring your items in to the store, so please consider this when preparing for a visit to labelswap™. It is our policy to discount each and any sale $.05 if you return our reusable labelswap™ bag during the swap process so buy, fill, and return to sell and save.


Items that are not selected by labelswap™ must be picked up on the same day the process is completed or they will be donated or disposed of. If you are unable to pick up your items and contact the store, your items will be held for one additional day only.