STEP 1: Go through your closet and pick out the items that you no longer need or like the fit of.

Have some great looks in your closet that you just do not wear? Do you have a great designer outfit that no longer fits your look? Ready to refine your look? Bring your items to labelswap and choose a store credit of 50% of the resale price, or cash in and get approximately 30% in cash on the spot!

STEP 2: Find what we are looking for! Here's some of the things we love:

  • In-season women's and men's clothing and accessories. 
  • Maternity items that are like-new and laundered. 
  • Items that are like-new and in great condition. Items should be clean, free of wear, stains, missing buttons or accessories.
  • That brand name handbag you just don't use enough!
  • Shoes and accessories including jewelry.

Items should be folded and laundered. Please do not bring your items on hangers. 

See our seasonal wishlist here!

    STEP 3:  Bring your items into labelswap!

    Upon entering labelswap, you will be greeted by a labelswap buyer who will assess your fashion and determine a selling price. On your first visit you are required to remain in store while the buyer makes a determination of your items and their resale value. Then you can choose to swap out your look for something totally different or collect cash on the spot! You can bring your items in, 7 days a week, no appointment necessary. Once you are in our system, you can leave your items at the store and we will contact you once the determination has been made.

    To learn more, see the brands we love to buy here!