5 Of Our Favorite Fall Trends

Updated: May 20

The official start of fall begins next month (September 22nd to be exact) and that means the return of PSL’s, crunchy leaves, warm colors and our personal favorite: fall fashion! Today we are giving you 5 fall trends you can wear all through the season.

1. FAUX FUR Faux fur is a fall STAPLE. It instantly glams up any outfit and can be easily incorporated with a scarf, a jacket or a pair of boots. Our tip for wearing faux fur? Add one fur item to your look, this isn’t a style you want to overdo. Source: @alyssa.lenore 2. JEWEL TONES Jewel tones are effortlessly beautiful and can add a pop of color to any outfit. To incorporate jewel tones into your fall wardrobe, find pieces that are ruby red, emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue or citrine yellow! Source: 3. OVERSIZED BLAZERS Oversized blazers are a fall tradition, elevating all types of outfits from skirts to dresses to jeans! This look can easily be worn to the office or on a fun night out making this item one of the most versatile trends so far. Our tip for wearing an oversized blazer? Buy one staple standout blazer with a loud print like houndstooth or plaid and buy one oversized blazer with a neutral, solid color. These staples will be in your closet for a long time offering lots of outfit options! Source: 4. METALLICS Que the song: Why is everything chrome? Metallics are an interesting and fun way to spice up a simple outfit. Instead of going for heavy sparkles and glitter, look for items that have a metallic sheen to really elevate this trend. Source: @happilygray 5. HEADSCARVES This season's runways had a unique assortment of headgear, but the standout piece was headscarves and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. This trend can help disguise a bad hair day or improve a good one depending on how you wear it! Source: Gucci

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