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Top 5 Reasons People Get Rid of Their Clothes

When I was growing up, I think it may have been obvious that I was going to be a clothing hoarder. I remember my mom constantly coming into my room, looking around and going, “You need to go through your clothes! You have WAY too much.” But it was always that moment when I would be standing in my closet, surrounded by my torn apart dressers and going “Oh my god MOM. But then I’d have no options!” We could never see eye to eye. Or did we?

I eventually succumbed to her badgering about my wardrobe… but only because she promised to take me back to school shopping of course. When it was time for what I liked to call “The Thinning”, my first question was “How do I choose what to get rid of though?” And the first answer was always:

1. What doesn’t fit.

Getting rid of clothing that no longer fits you is usually the first thing people go for when deciding which pieces need to go. It was a little bit harder for me because back then, I wasn’t growing much… no matter how often I begged to the puberty gods. Eventually though, it did come to a time where I no longer fit into my favorite jeans. Being 25 now, things are different, and weight tends to fluctuate so finding clothes that no longer fit me happens more often than I wish. But life goes on. As does the second reason people get rid of their clothes –

2. “That’s so last season”. Or in some cases, last decade. The trends change people! For those who follow them anyhow. But when you find clothes that were worn in your Myspace profile picture – it may be time to throw in the towel.

Growing up, we didn’t have much money for me to be able to grab the newest Abercrombie and Fitch look that everyone seemed to be wearing – so I observed and promised myself that as soon as I could, I would get a job that would pay for that Aéropostale laced tank top and I would NEVER look back… (Because who were we kidding, Abercrombie was WAY too expensive). Thus, the true beginning to my obsession with clothing.

Skip ahead 10 years and I may have just found that Aéropostale tank I saved up for. Obviously out of season and into the donation bin it went.

Did COVID hit anyone else’s work wardrobe? Yeah? Yeah. SO, reason number three why people get rid of their clothing:

3. They just don’t work with your current lifestyle anymore.

It’s not always bad! I MISS the days when I would wake up for work, roll to my right and click, log in for the day. Don’t tell my current boss… (Chris if you’re reading this – no you’re not).

Working from home obviously has its pros. The most important being – you don’t have to get dressed for work! So, if you’re a lucky individual who is reading this in pajamas in bed… it’s time to donate some office dresses and blazers for those who need it (*points to self in sad*).

Let’s make a full circle back to the intro for why people get rid of their clothing, Reason #4 –

4. There is, indeed, WAY too much.

My mother was right (sigh). When you have “too many clothes” sorry I mean, too “many” clothes… wait no I mean, “too” many clothes… okay you get what I’m trying to say. When you have more clothes than you can fit in your closet then it may be time to thin it out. By doing this though, you’ll make room for more!... Okay, seriously, who let me write this article?

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Reason #5 coming in HOT –

5. You want to make some quick cash!

Yes, the silver lining to getting rid of your clothes! You can sell them for cash at resale stores like, oh I don’t know… Labelswap! People do this all the time. I hear they’re calling it “The Sustainable Way to Shop”. You may have heard of thrift shopping but shopping at Labelswap is “The Modern Way to Thrift”. We buy what you don’t need so you can buy what you do! It is literally, my childhood dream. And not only that but, you save 50-70% off retail prices right off the bat. AND, when you go in to sell you have the option of getting 30% back in cash or 50% in-store credit. By shopping this way, you are decreasing fast fashion carbon emissions. Is that not the dream for everyone right now!?

So there we have it, the top 5 reasons people get rid of their clothes… along with some oversharing. If you’ve taken great care of designer or brand name items, we’d love to buy them from you! Stop by labelswap, at 3143 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609 to sell your items to us. We hope to see you soon.


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