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5 Summer Essentials for 2021

Here are 5 of the standout trends that have inspired our summer wardrobes!

1. Miniskirts

Miniskirts are back and we are all over it. This trend was first popularized in the 1960's, made a resurgence in the 90's, and now is back. Tennis skirts are the hottest way to sport this trend in 2021!

2. Puffy Sleeves

Sleeves, but make them *voluminous.* This trend is back for another season! The bigger, the better. Our favorite way to wear them is with a flowing, floral, feminine dress - how's that for alliteration?

3. Criss-cross tops

Strappy and styling! Yep, we're talking about those wrap-around your waist Kim Kardashian type of tops. They're sexy, fun, and make for a great photo! Pair a criss-cross top with loose dress pants or a mini skirt for a put together look.

4. Linen

Not only is linen a sustainable fabric (we love that), but it's also gorgeous on and always feels lightweight. Linen pants and linen tops are in and will help you achieve an effortless, polished, and summery look.

5. Sheer

Sheer fabrics are stunning in the summertime because they allow you to layer clothing in a way that won't have you sweating to death 5 minutes in the sunlight. Try layering sheer clothing over tank-tops or bodysuits for an easy, head turning look!

Who we are:

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