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You asked, and we answered. For some time, labelswap has been missing some essential items at the store, and we recently discovered a few companies that could fill that void. We are now able to align these companies with our firm's core values of sustainability and eco-friendliness. When you shop at labelswap, we will be able to provide our clients with an array of Toms shoes, lotus and luna jewelry, Blue Gem/Blue Planet sunglasses, and Tagua accessories. After reviewing our sales and talking to multiple customers, it was evident there were a few things missing at labelswap. For this reason, our corporate staff went to the drawing board in order to determine how we could do this from an eco-conscience point of view and still provide our clients with the widest array of unique selections. Since we are working directly with vendors, we can keep the prices low and pass the savings onto you!

First, we start with Toms. Most people know that the company’s main mission is to donate a pair of shoes for every new pair bought. But did you know that over the past two decades, they have become even more focused on suitability and giving back? Today, Toms has multiple platforms to give back and is no longer just a shoe company. They also have a sunglasses line that helps patients pay for their cataract surgeries and gives children the prescription glasses they need for every new pair of sunglasses they sell. They also have a coffee company that helps bring sustainable water systems to areas lacking access to safe drinking water. They continue to be a pioneer in their field and consistently rank among the top 10 on Forbes' Best for the Environment lists.

I think we all can agree the best way to complete any clothing outfit for women is by including the most appropriate accessories, such as a simple necklace, stacking bracelets, or earrings. When we first saw lotus and luna’s collection of accessories, we fell in love. Each product is hand-crafted by gifted artisans living in villages outside Chaing Mai in Northern Thailand. An added bonus is that within each accessory lies a beautiful message. Customers will discover a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, healing jewelry, and evil eye collections that not only look beautiful but tell a story.

The other accessory company that caught our eye is Tagua. It is not only absolutely gorgeous, but it is also made from a nut. That's right, a nut. Talk about eco-friendly! The company was founded by Soraya Cedeno, and her mission was to empower the local village community in Ecuador. Companies like this share not only in their mission to donate locally, but also offer a consistent message.

Living in Florida, you somehow can’t seem to ever have enough sunglasses. Each pair of Blue Planet Eyewear is made with recycled and/or natural materials to help eliminate waste and draw from more sustainable sources. They come in both polarized and non-polarized versions. For every pair sold, the company donates a pair of corrective glasses to a person in need via the charity organization they partner with. The company recently launched their “Trees for the Future” initiative that will be planting one tree for every Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear sold. These sunglasses not only feel great, but they stay in place on your face.

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