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9 Tips to Care for Your Clothing

By 2030, it’s expected that fashion waste will increase to a 148 million ton problem. Making sustainable decisions with how we purchase and care for our clothing can help combat the global fashion waste crisis. Taking good care of the clothing items that you choose to purchase will help keep them out of landfills and stay in circulation. Here’s 9 tips to help you keep your clothing in great shape:

1. Buy high-quality pieces.

Purchasing high end, brand name items that are made with quality sourced materials and fabrics are more likely to withstand the test of time. Purchasing low quality items or “fast fashion” usually means your clothing will last between 1-2 seasons. “Fast fashion” is typically purchased from online boutiques that rip-off original designers by creating knock-off versions of that season's runway designs. Purchasing fast-fashion means discrediting the work that the designer did and often means supporting the poor working conditions of those who work in fast fashion factories.

2. Carry a stain removal pen.

Don’t let stains set in just because you are in an inopportune situation, treat them as quickly as possible with a portable stain remover pen. These pens are small and dry fast, making them the perfect portable option to carry in your purse for pesky red wine or coffee stains.

3. Read the labels.

Be honest, how many times have you haphazardly thrown your clothing in the wash without reading the label? Reading the label can help save you time and money by advising you on how to correctly wash your clothing. Take these labels seriously and your clothing will have a much longer lifespan.

4. Use a mesh bag or a pillowcase to wash your delicates.

Using a mesh bag or a pillowcase to wash your delicates allows them to get clean without getting snagged by zippers or getting wrapped around the washer’s agitator.

5. Invest in felt or wooden hangers.

Avoid cheap, wire hangers that can cause snagging and invest in felt or wooden hangers to help your clothing items keep their original shape.

6. Air dry your clothing.

Purchase a drying rack from your local superstore and let your clothing air dry! Most items will take under 24 hours to fully dry and they will dry unshrunk.

7. Learn basic sewing skills (or fake it with fabric glue!)

Mending holes and tears is easier than you might think. Don’t give up on items that have been snagged or torn, learn how to mend your items by watching a YouTube video on sewing or using fabric glue to mend holes.

8. Wash your clothing in cold water.

Washing your clothes in cold water will save you money on your utility bills for sure, but it will also help extend your clothing item’s life! Most fabrics hold up better when subjected to cold water rather than hot water.

9. Zip your zippers!

Leaving your zippers unzipped in the washing machine allows other clothing to be eaten up by the raw edge of your zipper. Always zip before you wash and you will prevent unnecessary snags and tears in your softer clothing items.

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