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Terms of service



Swappers agree to sell their items for the price provided by labelswap™ or accept the swap value provided by labelswap™ at the time of the transaction. Swap value can be used immediately or held at the store for a maximum of 12 months. 
Swappers authorize labelswap™ to choose, tag, and sell the items they select in exchange for the value offered. 
labelswap™ will have customer payment available at the conclusion of the process only. Customer will receive a phone call, email, or text message (one only) indicating the process has been completed when the process is completed. 

Items not selected by labelswap™ will be donated or disposed of at the end of the day of completion of the process.

If customer cannot retrieve items in this period customer must contact the store immediately. 
Customer will not have the ability to reclaim items from the rack, shelves or disposal donation bin once the process has completed.



Additional terms of service



By signing below, customer agrees, understands and acknowledges clear, unencumbered title to all property being sold or swapped, customer has the right to sell or swap the property to labelswap™, that all property has been legally obtained, and all known material defects have been described or made known and not concealed. Valid Photo Identification is required for payment and required by law. Seller agrees to indemnify and hold the buyer (labelswap™), its employees, officers, and the buyer harmless in the event of loss or damage to customer property during the drop off period or sale process. Customer authorizes labelswap™, its assigns, successors, or servicing agents to communicate via SMS text notification to any number provided to labelswap™. Customer agrees to accept any and all charges or fees associated with mobile communication from labelswap™ including fees from mobile service providers.

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